Enter an invoice without GRN being entered previously. GRN document will be generated automatically.


Use the same procedure as for the Purchase Order Entry.

Tips and Tricks

  • Best way to pay utility bill / rent:
    • Setup Supplier, use GL Items for it
    • Preset the Cost Account in Supplier setup
    • Can also create a Quick Entry for this
    • Can also raise an order on supplier for service (Create Service Item and set it as a Service)
  • Edit Item Description in a Supplier Invoice:
    • Works for items which allow an Editable Description
    • First enter the Item and press the Add Item button
    • Then edit the line for which the description has to be customized
  • Get last payment account for supplier.
    • When entering the payment account for the supplier we often choose the default account for the supplier.
    • But sometimes it is necessary to remember the account into which payment was made if different from the default one.
    • This may then be used in the next supplier payment.
    • This commit seeks to do it and is discussed here.
  • To edit the date or content of Direct Supplier Invoices:
    • First void the invoice (Setup->Void A Transaction)
    • Void the delivery. Note that the delivery cannot be voided until the invoice is voided.
    • Purchases->Outstanding purchase orders maintenance: Edit the PO. You can change date, add or remove items.
    • Purchases->Outstanding purchase orders maintenance: Receive the PO
    • Purchases→Supplier Invoices: Invoice the PO