Inquiries and Reports



  • The normal procedure is first a Purchase Order (PO), then a receival note (GRN) and then a Supplier Invoice (menu on right side).
  • If you do a Direct Supplier Invoice, all these stages will be performed in the background.
  • If you do a Direct GRN, a PO is done in the background. When the Supplier Invoice is received, you use the Supplier Invoice (menu on right side).

The Purchasing Account is first debited when delivering (Delivery Note) the Product and the Inventory is credited. The stocks are still in our possession until delivering. Refer Forum Post.

PO Pre-Approvals

FA does not currently support Approvals for PO Processing but the requisition Extension Module contributed by Dennis Gichangi quite a while ago may be not fully functional but is designed for just this. The extension needs additional MySQL privileges like Functions/Procedures/triggers, which is not always possible on shared hosting accounts.

EMail Purchase Orders

  • Symptom: On trying to print a Purchase Order and mark email as yes, a message appears with following text You have no email contact defined for this type of document
  • Fix: Look at the contact for the supplier, select Orders in the "Contact Active for" field.
  • Note: More than one value in this field can be selected

Payments thru Forex Brokers

Case of 3rd party currency exchange broker (Supplier B) being used to pay foreign suppliers.

  • Assume CAD as base / home currency.
  • Supplier A sends their invoice for GBP 1000 for services provided as they expect to be settled in their currency, GBP.
  • Exchange CAD to GBP with Supplier B.
  • Create Payment to Supplier B for CAD 1800 (exchanged value).
  • Supplier B wires the payment of GBP 1000 on our behalf to Supplier A.

The solution:

  • Original Invoice from Supplier A is for Freight Account.
  • Create Supplier Invoice for Supplier B (forex broker) from Foreign Exchange Gain/Loss Account.
  • Create a Supplier Credit Note for Supplier A (freight forwarder) on Foreign Exchange Gain/Loss Account.
  • Allocate payment to Supplier A from the Credit Note issued.

Adding Freight