Instant contact between all coders involved in FrontAccounting development process is enabled via mailing list at address: List is open for all FA community members, and its planned primary aim is to serve as a place for development and software design related discussions.

There are two common ways you can subscribe to a Mailman mailing list:

Using the web interface

Go to the list information page at Look for the section marked "Subscribing to LISTNAME" and fill in the boxes. You can fill in the following: You must enter your email address. You may choose to supply your real name. You may choose a password. If you do not choose one, Mailman will generate one for you. Warning: Do NOT use a valuable password, since this password may be mailed to you in plain text.

Press the subscribe button. A new page should appear telling you that your request has been sent.

Using the email interface:

Open a mail program which sends mail from the address you want to subscribe. Send a mail to the list subscription address at mailto:<>. The subject and body of the message will be ignored, so it doesn't matter what you put there.

After following one of these sets of instructions (you don't need to do both!), you will receive an email message asking for confirmation that you really want to be subscribed to the list. This is to prevent anyone from subscribing you to lists without your permission. Follow the instructions given in the message to confirm your wish to be subscribed. Once this is done, you will likely receive another message welcoming you to the list. This message contains some useful information including your list password and some quick links for changing your options, so you may want to save it for later reference.

Once you are subscribed you can sand your posts to mailto:<>. More info about Mailman mailing list usage you will find in Mailman Users Guide

Other mailing lists you can be aware of are:

  • Mercurial (previously CVS) updates - with automatic posts generated after every Mercurial (previously CVS) update
  • FA list - mainly used for announcements about new FrontAccounting releases, and planned important changes.