FrontAccounting Online

You may want to use a hosted and fully supported version of FrontAccounting here:


Canada - Fred Blauer and Associates

Fred Blauer and Associates is a consulting alliance which brings service and expertise with Open Source business solutions to management. Fred Blauer CA.IT, CISA is CEO and senior consultant with more than 20 years of experience providing information systems consulting services, including needs analysis, system selection and evaluation, project management; and implementation of various accounting and ERP systems. Fred Blauer has a B.Com from McGill University, a Certified Information Systems Auditor degree, and is a Canadian Chartered Accountant with a recognized specialty in IT.

Singapore - Planettel Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Planettel is over 2 decades old and provides consulting, implementation and maintenance services predominantly in the Open Source arena archiving expertise in GNUAcademy and sponsoring code development and assessment advisory. Rapid Application Development and Testing is done on OpenVZ platforms and many templates (including FA) have been submitted to the Proxmox VE project. Our efforts on this score have been vindicated with the inclusion of OpenVZ into the latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Italy, Russia, Ukraine - HEXAGON by Yeshi S. Namkhai

HEXAGON is a small consulting company proving knowledge and support on business processes and Open Source ERP. We are active with several FrontAccounting projects, our background rely on successful implementation of major ERP systems over the years but we do prefer Open Source software and mentality.

Poland -, provides a support for Polish version of FrontAccounting. The partner is hosting Polish SaaS version and provided several modules to bring the software to Polish accounting rules. Polish version of FrontAccounting is hosted under It is recommended for limited companies being setup in Poland.

United Kingdom - Ross Addison Services

Ross Addison Services is the author of the FA Import Transactions extension. Freelance hourly contracted FrontAccounting enthusiast and developer from Scotland.

New Zealand and Thailand - Cambell Prince

Cambell on GitHub, Software Developer and FrontAccounting contributor.