Inquiries and Reports


  • Sales Kits
    Alias Codes for Several Items (Sales Kits)

Pricing and Costs

Tips and Tricks

  • Manual Items Import into FA
  • If the Import Inventory Items extension is used, then any commas in the csv file's fields (description, etc.,.) should be escaped with a back slash ("\") character.
  • List of inventory adjustments: Banking and General Ledger tab => Journal Enquiries => filter by Inventory Adjustments => Enlarge the period as desired
  • Purging Old Items: One off items purchased and then sold are best made inactive after the transactions pertaining to them are over.

Inventory Adjustments default account issues

  • Problem
    • Create a clearing account for inventory variances where adjustments are posted to.
    • Set the Inventory Adjustments account on the System and GL Info page to be the new account ("5035, Inventory Variance")
    • FA still posts the adjustment to the default account ("5040, Purchase Price Variance")
  • Reason and Solution
    • It is very important to setup correct default accounts.
    • The Item Categories uses the default setup in System and GL Setup.
    • The items uses the item category account for adjustment when creating an item.
    • Therefore if you change the default account in system and gl setup, you will have to change it on categories and items.
    • At least enter all items to change the code or create and use a script for this.

Inventory Only - FA Use Case

  • Where FrontAccounting is being only used for Inventory Management
  • Almost all transactions will be location transfers or negative adjustments
  • Reorder email was being sent when a sales event reduces the inventory level at the particular location
  • Implemented as of 2014-04-08: Reorder email is now also sent when there is a location transfer or negative inventory adjustment and inventory level falls below reorder level

$use_costed_values affects Inventory Reporting

  • If the $use_costed_values is set to 1, then the date range is used on the stock_moves material costs for each transaction.
  • This is not the same as the material_cost set in the stock_master table.
  • If the end date is today then the values should be the same if the stock_moves is updated correctly.

Consignment as Locational Stock

  • Use the locations as lots or consignment
  • This is the only best solution available in FA for managing such function
  • Otherwise inventory and sales modules need customisation to incorporate lot wise functions