• Budget Entry
    Budget Entries for Accounts and/or Dimensions.

Inquiries and Reports


  • Quick Entries
    Pre-setup entries for Bank/Cash
    Payments/Deposits, Jornal Entries
    and Supplier GL Items.

Tips and Tricks

  • Setup => Attach Document to attach documents to an existing GL Journal entry.
  • Forum Post - Bad Debts Write Off

Batch Entry

  • Normal FA Real Time Posting in GL and Journal is when the SAVE button is pressed.
  • Batch method should print registers and check the batch of transactions before posting them to the journals. The workaround in FA to do this is:
    • Take backup
    • Do real time batch import
    • Check the registers and printouts
    • If found to need major record level corrections, then edit in the import source file
    • Restore from earlier backup
    • Re-import after corrections.

Item descriptions are not saved when transferring to GL

  • When one issues an invoice with multiple items in it, the description line is not used when printing the GL Account Transactions report.
  • The Item descriptions are not saved when transferring to GL.
  • There is not enough room for this on the transaction line.