Purchase Order Entry is used to register all purchase orders in the system. They're not being booked to accounts.


  • Select a Supplier; Use F2 to add a new one.
  • Reference number is proposed based on last number stored in Forms Setup; if entering different reference number it will not be stored and incremented automatically until not set in Forms Setup.
  • Supplier's Reference is mandatory
  • select items, supply quantity and price and click Add Item
  • click Place Order

Tips and Tricks


  • Forum Post - The credit displayed on Purchase Order Page is not total balance on suppliers transactions. On PO page your current purchasing limit is displayed (i.e. Credit Limit from Suppliers page less current balance).
  • Forum Post - To show Vendor Reference No. on Purchase Order, use Supplier's Reference field in the form.
  • Forum Post - There is no RFQ (Request for Quote) document to send to vendors in FA. You will have to use email or other document for doing that.