Some administrative menu options available under Setup tab are potentially dangerous for site security if used maliciously. To minimize risk of exploitation those options are available for nobody but admins of first registered company (company 0), which are considered as site admins or super admins. It means that regardless of access setup those options are not accessible for users of any other company.

The following menu options have influence on overall security of the system, so they are available only to the super admins:

For detailed instructions on how to use the above options, please follow their respective links. It is important to note that these options are disabled, but still visible, for all users except the super-admins.


  1. If already logged in as any user, except super-admin, log-out.
  2. Change company to company 0. In most cases, this is Training Co. (**Important!**)
  3. Enter admin (or any valid name set for admin user) as your login name.
  4. Enter the password you chose when setting up Front Accounting.

Although the FA pkg repo files seem to be dated more currently than the corrections made in the unofficial Github repo, the latter will most likely have the corrections and be the "latest" for usage.

Tips and tricks

The super-admin exists only on company 0. If you are logged onto an account on any other company setup in Front Accounting, you will not be able to access super-admin options. If you still have no access to any of above special menu options, you have to fix Access Setup for your role.

FA Plugins

See these FA v2.3 plugins files. FA v2.3 Plugins have not been updated since the beginning of 2016.

FA 2.4 Repo Release List