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Carry out minor update from the command line


Here is a procedure for upgrading FA through a minor upgrade. This is when the major version of FA stays the same - i.e. an upgrade from 5.3.15 to 5.3.19.

First off - download the latest version and check out the update.html file in the root of the directory. Read the notes carefully. This procedure is for when there is a relatively simple upgrade of just the files being updated. The update.html file may show additional configuration values which are needed in the config.php file. This would be fine, these new values will be added at the end of this procedure.

NB - Obviously, make backups and this procedure should be carried out carefully - no guarantees!

Steps to carry out

Make a backup copy of the database under Setup. Then download the backup.

Make a backup copy of the files:

$ cd <directory above DocumentRoot on your server>
$ cp -r public_html public_html.bak

Download the new site files - change as necessary to get the latest version:

$ wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/frontaccounting/FrontAccounting-2.3/2.3.19/frontaccounting-2.3.19.tar.gz

Unzip the files:

tar -xvzf frontaccounting-2.3.19.tar.gz

Overwrite the existing files with new files - this will not overwrite config.php and config_db.php:

(The trailing slash means 'copy the contents of')

$ rsync -av frontaccounting/ public_html

Go to


and using nano cut and paste in the new configuration values in to config.php:

$ nano public_html/config.php

Go to your FA installation.