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Tips and Tricks

Quick Guide to activating chart of accounts.

Versions of FA above 2.3 now have an automated, repository based chart of accounts system. To activate a chart of accounts, logon to FA as the system administrator (only) and do the following:

1. Go to Setup / Install/Activate Chart Of Accounts

The system retrieves list of chart of accounts from the FA remote server AND picks up any directories you have under FA-WEBROOT/sql.

2. Click the 'file' icon to activate the chart of accounts you want.

3. Select the chart of accounts when you create a new COMPANY.

Files required for a new chart of accounts

New sql file having the chart of accounts along with the entire FA table schema and standard data chosen for the COA.

Refer the existing COAs in the FA-WEBROOT/sql folder and modify them to suit your needs - place a descriptive entry in the installed_extensions file

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