Hope, Duo is not an open source application and it is chargeable beyond 10 users. instead can we could try with
and many more.

Can we have your opinion @ardyan please?


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Sir, We have been using Vtiger with FA. But we have been  facing lot of chalanges while integrating/managing Products, Services, Invoices and contacts maintenance and all. so we have got CRM Module developed my @kvvaradha and started using it now. Now Role hierarchy became a challenging task to proceed further. So i need your suggestion to implement "Organization-wide Role hierarchy" within FA.


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fraserks wrote:

I am working on a multi-way sync between FA, SuiteCRM, WooCommerce, SquareUp.

SuiteCRM and vTiger share some history.

I have a module for pushing Inventory items to WooCommerce working (for "simple" items i.e. not variations).  I have it also roughed up to send to SuiteCRM.

SuiteCRM has a workflow engine that can trigger on records being saved; I have experimental code for sending Accounts and Contacts data to the API in FA.

My intent is to release these once further testing and code cleanup has occurred.  However at the moment I am working on bookkeeping audits and cleanups so there may be some delay sad

Can you please share your code here?


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Nowadays Payment Gateway integration with ERP/accouting software becomes as defualt option in many ERP softwares.
I would like to integrate a Payment Gateway and an UPI payments option to the user inform of QR Code with mentioning the required amount, Invoice No., Sales Order No. and so on.
will you please help me with code or idea to integrate gateways with FA?
Thanks in advance.


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Roles could be redefined/renamed as "profiles".
Roles can be used to create the hierarchy.
I am not able to create a flowchart beyond this point?
can anyone please help?


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How can i set role access for a Regional manager and his regional subordinates going down to the sales executive in Leads management?

Each sales person can be assigned a sales territory. I want view access for user based on his level in the sales team hierarchy . Can we do this?

A Brief write-up to understand the Functionalities:

This feature helps you create different types of roles for users based on their position in your organization hierarchy. After creating roles, you can assign them to the users in your organization. You can also modify the user roles according to the changes in your organizational hierarchy. Based on the role assigned to them, a user will be able to view the data of their subordinates but not their superiors. A user with Administrator permission will have access to all data, irrespective of the role assigned to the user. The Share Data with Peers option enables access rights to peers. Role hierarchy helps you overwrite the role assigned to the particular user for a specific module of the application. One major feature is detailed analytics and reporting on each department.

A role hierarchy works together with sharing settings to determine the levels of access users have to your FA data. Users can access the data of all the users directly below them in the hierarchy.

Users who need to see a lot of data (such as the CEO, executives, or other management) often appear near the top of the hierarchy. But role hierarchies don't have to match your org chart. Each role in the hierarchy just represents a level of data access that a user or group of users needs.
A manager always has access to the same data as his or her employees, regardless of the org-wide default settings.
Users who tend to need access to the same types of records can be grouped together. We'll use these groups later when we talk about sharing rules.

Do anyone has this feature for FA? Can you please provide some idea/suggestion to implement in core?


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Hope, the below link will be useful to implement CRM inside FA.


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Implemented Serial No./Batch No. by doing core customization. We have done the serial number tracking. But it is not like extension format. We have touched many pages of FA just to implement serial Number.
I will try to write the functional flow for serialising and tracking of products.


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Hope, Theme with chat room to discuss between the users not with the visitors.
one user can see other avialable online user and chat with them if they wish.
Tawk.to chat bot used to chat with website visitor and adminitrator/editor.
Please let me know, If anyone has proven mobile responsive theme with chat room to sell.

boxygen wrote:

you can use tawk.to. Its totally free and can be easily integrated in FA theme. Just add the JavaScript code you get from tawk.to on includes/page/footer.inc before the last line.

Most expected integration (FA <-> Tally) by many users of FA and for new FA entrants as well. Any update now about the migration progress with Tally now?

Good Idea. Default theme shall be mobile responsive.

kvvaradha wrote:

As you can see that's the default theme Gives you disabled elements to see when the permission is disabled.  And it can be fixed with minor update with default theme..

@Joe  can we hide the disabled links and menus  instead of disabling it.

is possible to pdf attachment quote/invoice/purchase order in email to respective customer or supplier?


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Items & Number of Packages. For example “Pallet x 12”. Note that the packing list template in FA should allow you to add multiple products into 1 package.
It itemizes the amount and kind of merchandise contained in each individual package that is to be loaded aboard a truck, railcar, vessel or aircraft.

detkenn wrote:

Packing slip was already present in FA.
What was added here was the total weight and volume so YES you can print the Packing Slip.


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As on date FA has page level access permission only. Components access is not possible.
Hope, You have to make seperate page individually for View, add, Update and delete functions.
FA Developers who can do these kind of core customization are countable.

detkenn wrote:

Frontaccounting really needs a review for add, edit, list and view permissions. The Administrators should guide us on the roadmap they are taking on this issue and how we can help


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Please check the above link. It may helpful to you.

tomtheriault wrote:

So 39 people have seen this post ... any suggestions ... anybody?

I would be grateful.

Thank you.



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Great to hear.
What would be the expected time frame for FA 2.5 release?

apmuthu wrote:

Subsidiary ID can be introduced for all transactions in FA 2.5 with just the unique suffix of each such company and having a set of UNION views for the holding company for all FA tables using it in a read only mode. The list of subsidiary companies (or profit centres / branches) that need to be UNIONed into views for the holding company can be autocreated with some description field holding the company #s.

Try using Tags / Dimensions as a first choice though.

Purcahsed Module from you is working as expected. Whatever module u make, i will be first person to buy from you in future as well. Since you are busy, I am looking for some other FA Developer.
Moreover your supplied module is connecting with Supplier and Customer. But as you knew that We are allowing them as a user of FA with access restriction, Still they can see all module (hidden) where they are having access only to 5-6 pages of crm. They are expressing their unhappiness to use. Need Dedicated portal where debtor/creditor could see only the required information and communicate with us.

Data insert might have got interrupteed due to problem with internet connection, server down and many more reason. happened due to improper data insert during the transaction. one data insert transaction/activity is affecting in more than 2 tables. if the enterted data is not inserted into all the table properly, sometime these kind N/A will come during void.
You please check the particular transaction history and its relevent tables. Better to delete the data/transaction from the data base and repeat the transaction from the front end.

Looking for customer Portal  as well vendor portal to connect the FA.
Customer Portal shall have provision to book orders and refer their transaction with the company.
Supplier Portal shall have Provision to submit theie quote and refer their transaction.
Please do let me know, if anyone has this addon/extension or interested to develop as project?

Initially I was looking for we shop for FA just like weberp. I could not find any in the available developers.
Looking for Extension or connector to integrate FA with cs-cart martketplace?
If anyone has the module or interested to integrate this, Please let me know.


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We have Unique "stock id" not "Description". Stock ID has assigned with auto increment. We have over 30 unique categories and over 13k Stock IDs. FA is running of 4CPU, 16GB RAM based server. We are not able use inventory planning and stock check sheet report as on date.
it is possible to sort/group it by "stock id"?


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I have small manufacturing firm and have to give proper service to support to buyer during the warranty period. we should also support the buyer even after warranty period on billable basis.  I am looking for Service Desk Module for FA.
If anyone can help, It will be very helpful to me.


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Is it possible to connect users with company's branches? while sign in into ERP, They shall have only working branch related data. Giving option in dropdown list to user, there are several man made error without proper dimension or location.


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We are interested.
Can you share the demo link to look at your module functionalities.?


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GST on freight charges in the Supply Invoice?
GST would be levied the on value of supply as per normal rate which would depend on the goods that are supplied. In case freight charge is added to supply value provided in bill, then the GST would be charged on the freight charges at same rate as the rate of GST on the supplied value.
incase if the supply invoice has different tax rates, then the highest rate of tax of supply shall considered as shipping Tax.
This provision is not avaialbe in FA. Please correct, If i am wrong.
Do you have any solutions to this issue?