Topic: Add "Add attachment link" for Quotation

Front accounting 2.4.8 already have data table to store attachment for all type of document, also include sales quotation, sales order, sales delivery, sales invoice.
But only Invoice was applied the add attachment link after create or update the document.
We hope  to make the link "add attachment" for all sales document

Re: Add "Add attachment link" for Quotation

1. We found all sales document create, update, view are using
        a. \sales\sales_order_entry.php
        b. Each type have a menu session
    2. Found the applied menu link at invoice session
    3. submenu_option(_("Add an Attachment"), "/admin/attachments.php?filterType=".ST_SALESINVOICE."&trans_no=$invoice");
    4. That is the menu link with type of document and reference no.
    5. We just copy this link to right menu session
    6. And change the document type and reference variable
    7. ST_SALESORDER = sales order, ST_SALESQUOTE = Sales quotation, ST_CUSTDELIVERY = Sales delivery

Then all sales have the link to add attachment after create or update, like direct invoice

Re: Add "Add attachment link" for Quotation

1. For delivery, using \sales\customer_delivery.php
2. We found that using hyperlink link
    1. $trans_type = ST_CUSTDELIVERY;
    2. hyperlink_params("$path_to_root/admin/attachments.php", _("Add an Attachment"), "filterType=$trans_type&trans_no=$dispatch_no");
3. We also copy this link command to AddedID and UpdateID menu session
4. Also make reight document type and reference
Then after create and update delivery note, will show the link for attacment

Re: Add "Add attachment link" for Quotation

I think what you're looking for is this:

in sales_order_view.php add a new function:

function attach_link($row) 
    global $trans_type;
        return pager_link( _("Attach Documents"),
            "/admin/attachments.php?filterType=".$trans_type."&trans_no=" .$row['order_no'], ICON_ATTACH);

then under-> elseif ($trans_type == ST_SALESQUOTE) {
add ->  array('insert'=>true, 'fun'=>'attach_link')

*you'll have to create/define ICON_ATTACH in includes/types.php

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Re: Add "Add attachment link" for Quotation

@joe: Nice addition - want to absorb in the core?

Re: Add "Add attachment link" for Quotation

is possible to pdf attachment quote/invoice/purchase order in email to respective customer or supplier?

Bharathiraja Kaliyamoorthy