Internet browser

Frontaccounting works on almost all internet browsers. We regularly test it on:

  • Internet Explorer (version 7 and up)
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari on iPad
  • Dolphin Browser on Android

On some browsers it is highly recommended to use F11 function key to extend your working space to full screen. Please also make sure you've enabled pop-up windows in your browser.

Program navigation

After you logon to the program you will be directed to one of program modules.

  • Set preferred module in Preferences (on top of the screen).
  • Links to most commonly used features are always accessible on top of the screen (Preferences, Change password, Help, etc.).
  • Navigation is based on context menu and theme used.
  • List of main modules is located usually on the top of the screen.
  • Sub-menus can be located in center window or on the left.
  • Directly access another module from inside any function. Please note however that clicking on module name may escape you from current context.
  • Multiple browser windows supported provides for ease of use. For instance open one window to maintain your customer data and another one for entering an invoice. Remember to refresh the invoice page when adding customers.


Since 2013-06-10 Git Hub Changeset, the list of failed logins stored in the faillog.php file has been moved from the webroot/ to the webroot/tmp folder. The file cookie.txt also resides in the webroot/tmp folder.

How to Get help?

If you need help simply click a link Help usually in top right corner. You most often get description related to the program context you're in.

Setting Up the Program

  • Make sure you setup and configure the system/company before issuing your first invoice or entering any documents.
  • As the DB size increases the webserver takes more time to make a backup, if it errors you can try to increase the session timeout in php.ini if you are using the localhost.