Define customer groupings and/or classifications. This is useful for tracking sales figures for a particular sub-set of your customer base. This may be something as simple as:

  1. Small
  2. Medium
  3. Large

...customers or more complex situations where the type of customer is used.

An example of a more complex customer group for a building supplies company may be:

  1. Small Cabinet Manufacturer
  2. Large Cabinet Manufacturer
  3. Small Furniture Mfg
  4. Large Furniture Mfg
  5. Small General Contractor
  6. Large General Contractor
  7. Retail Customer

The number, and complexity, of these groups are up to your discretion.


  • Enter the name of the group you wish to add under Group Name input field and click Add new.
  • In order to edit existing groups, simply click on the edit icon beside the group name.
  • To remove a group, click on the delete icon.

Tips and Tricks

Assign individual Customer Branches to specific Sales Groups.