Search for Items Received but not yet Invoiced.


Look for Items Received Yet to be Invoiced. Check price and add the to the new invoice using Add button.
Use Remove button only if you are sure the item will not be invoiced in future. If you leave items not yer invoiced on the list you can invoice them later.

Tips and Tricks

Import Tax.

If you need the possibility to enter Purchase Invoices from another country with Import Tax (so called zero'ed tax), you can do that the following way:

  1. Create a new account near the Sales Tax, f.i. 2151 and name it Import Tax and place it in Current Liabilities.
  2. Create a new Tax Type. Call it Import Tax. Give it the same rate as you use for normal tax, f.i. 23%. Select the newly created account for both sales and purchases.
  3. Don't include this Import Tax in any Tax Group.
  4. Create a Quick Entry. Call it Import. Select Supplier Invoice/Credit as type. Enter 'Invoice amount' as base amount description.
  5. Create a line, choose '% amount of base'. Select the newly created account, 2151. Enter -23 % (The same rate as the Import Tax Type with a minus sign). Create another line, choose '% amount of base'. Select the normal account for Purchase tax (maybe the same as Sales tax). Enter 23 % (the same rate as your normal Tax Type).

You are now ready for entering an Import Supplier Invoice.

  1. Your foreign supplier must be Tax Exempt. If NOT, the purchase tax is already calculated and you should omit the last line of the Quick Entries.
  2. Enter the supplier lines as normal in Supplier Invoice (right pane).
  3. Finally select The Quick Entry 'Import' that we already created. Select the same amount as on the invoice.
  4. Your Import tax linex will now show up in the GL Items.
  5. Enter a Supplier Reference and save your invoice.