Company Accounts Settings and Parameters, default values and preferences are entered here.


Taken from FA v2.4.14+

web accounting, company setup


  • Email address - setup this address if you're emailing documents.
  • Fiscal Year - select current fiscal year from the list; the list is maintained in Setup -> Fiscal Years.
  • Search Item List
  • Search Customer List
  • Search Supplier List
If you turn on the search facility (a check mark in the box), you can get all the items by pressing a space in the item list and then a * character then Tab or Enter. You get all the items. You can also press the first characters or some other matching characters then you will only get the items that matches the search. ScreenShot
These search lists are more for those having a bunch of Items/Customers/Suppliers.
  • EMail Issues
  • Long Description on Invoice: Forum Post. This implements the second line for each item of an invoice to have the stock_master.long_description filed's contents. This is useful if the item needs to be shown in another language as well.