Mail Sending in FrontAccounting

  • EMails are sent from the server using php's mail() function in /reporting/includes/
  • On successfully having sent the mail, the browser feedback states it
  • If EMailing out fails, try to use an SSMTP in your server, which could use a valid email server as relay
  • Alternatively, just install postfix and using smarthost to use another email server
  • The email client is not in any way involved
  • PHP.ini email configuration
  • Sending Emails to multiple contacts - KVCodes Article
  • Sending HTML Mail: Replace $mail->text with $mail->html in reporting/includes/ and inventory/includes/
  • Forum Post for PHPMailer integration hack for sending HTML Mail
  • PHPMailer extension for FA


When using email to send invoices or other documents to clients, no records are kept of such an event. If a client claims that they did not receive the email, one wouldn't be able to say that it was sent to this address at this time. No Sent Items folder available! Mails are sent as soon as the send email is clicked and the only response one gets is that the email was sent.


A solution would be to have all emails sent also sent to a particular email address. This email address could be the email address used in the Company Setup page, but an option for a different email address would be better. Alternatively, a log of sent mail can be maintained.


Forum Post - In FA 2.4. Company Setup now sports the Bcc field.

Tips and Tricks

Forum Post - Sometimes email cannot be sent if the Sender's email id is not from one of the domains hosted on the FA server. In such cases use an email address valid in one of domains hosted in the FA server in the "From" header and the real sender email id in the "ReplyTo" header of the mail by replacing line 47 in reporting/includes/ $this->header = "From: $name <$mail>\n";


		$this->header = "From: $name <VALID_EMAIL_IN_DOMAIN>\n";
		$this->header .= "Reply-To: <$mail>"."\n";

where VALID_EMAIL_IN_DOMAIN is an email address belonging to a domain in your FA server.

Serban Constantinescu's SMTP Addon for FA