Release 2.4.9

Posted by Joe (joe) on Dec 14 2020
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Release 2.4.9 is available for download at SourceForge.


This is a 2.4.9 release, which is mainly bugfix release, but also contains a couple of improvements (see below for details).

Please report any bugs/problems found via our Mantis Bugtracker at

Download instructions

In Sourceforge FrontAccounting (, select
Files -> FrontAccounting 2.4 ->2.4.9.

For Windows users select the zip file. For all other users select the tar.gz file.


  • closed.png icon was missing in canvas and Dropdown themes. Fixed
  • Updating standard sql COAs
  • Fixed PHP 7.4 compatibility bug
  • Install/Update Languages: fixed directory traversal issue.
  • Bug 5200: Attach Documents: filename length check added to avoid unexpected error on long names.
  • Bug 5179: Added max parameter to textarea*() helpers, added constraints on all memo/comments input fields.
  • Bug 4756: Amounts in words on documents were printed in user language instead of document contact language. Fixed.
  • Bug 5198: Attach Documents: constrained attachment file types to avoid XSS using javascript in SVG. Thanks to Bobby Lin.
  • Fixed warnings related to empty item/customer/supplier selector in search modes.
  • Bug 5209/5266: Reports: fixed broken reports after session timeout.
  • Bug 5188: Attach Documents: fixed user interface to reset input fields only when needed.
  • Improved login form in layout default theme.
  • Bug 5239: Revaluation of Currency Accounts: removed sparse reference field, fixed comments for generated journal transactions.


  • Customer Payments: additional checks to avoid data inconsistency possible on weak connections.
  • Issue 5081: Editing a customer payment which is not allocated to an invoice and using the allocation table changes the payment amount. Fixed.
  • Recurring invoices result in no dimensions on gl_trans. Fixed by company flag option.
  • Delivery Against Sales Order Inquiry View, Wrong Remainder Value. Fixed.
  • Print Long Item Description on Invoice. New feature activated by company setup flag.
  • Optimizing Invoice Document (rep107.php).
  • Bug 5220: Delivery Against Sales Order: bug in GL balance for prepaid order delivery to foreign customer. Fixed.
  • Bug 5178: Fixed customer selection via popup after missing inline customer search.
  • After creating Sales Order - sending email: PDF without a name? Fixed.
  • Bug 5194: The company name is not displayed on invoices if the logo is set. Fixed.


  • Payments to Supplier: additional checks to avoid data inconsistency possible on weak connections.
  • Bug in Supplier Credit Note Edit, Fixed.
  • Bug in purchase order delete when invoking hook_db_prevoid () Fixed.
  • Bug 5202: Supplier Payment: Fixed allocation table refresh after change in supplier selector.
  • Bug 5223: Fixed Asset Purchase, Direct Supplier Invoice: fixed invalid cost handling for invoices in foreign currency.
  • Bug 5187: Displaying the list of suppliers in the void part is either wrong or buggy. Fixed. Same bug in View or Print.
  • Bug 5190: Supplier Invoices: Supplier reference field was unnecessary cleared on supplier selection change. Fixed.
  • Bug 5263 Added update button for total on supplier invoice entry when tax is changed.
  • No supplier trans found for given params in Supplier Payment. Fixed.

Items and Inventory

  • Quantity On Hand (QOH) Now Available On Inventory Adjustments
  • Bug 5106: Incorrect field length for inserting a kit. Also in Foreign Item Codes. Fixed.
  • Negative Inventory Adjustments not working anymore (2.4.8). Fixed
  • Bug 5214: Stock Check Sheet: changed option name to less confusing for shortages printout.
  • Bug 5186: The field lengths of item name and description don't match. Temporary fix (final fix postponed to 2.5).
  • Bug 5189, 5211: Items, Company Setup: additional check to ensure uploaded image compatibility with TCPDF report generator. Fixed


  • Bug 5083: manufacturing creates bank transactions but void does not delete them. Fixed.

Fixed Assets

  • Bug 5170: Fixed Assets Purchase: fixed error on items with long description, removed sparse fields edition in Fixed Assets.
  • Bug 5232: A disposed fixed asset still appears in the fixed assets valuation report with a non-nought price. Fixed.


  • Dimension wise balance sheet items implemented.

Bank and General Ledger

  • GL Account Transactions Report: improved layout when dimension 2 is not used.
  • Annual Expense Breakdown Report: option to print in thousands, added column for annual totals.
  • Deleting a fiscal year problem fixed.
  • Trial Balance - added Group Totals Only checkbox.
  • Journal Inquiry, the Counter Party column is not showing when invoice. Fixed.
  • Bug 4964: Balance Sheet Drilldown, Profit and Loss Drilldown: Fixed invalid navigation via Back links.
  • Report Audit Trail. Added totals when type selected.


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