0. General questions

0.1 I like FrontAccounting, but I'm not sure what are licensing rights?

FrontAccounting is Open Source, released under GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3 or later. A version of this license is included in the FrontAccounting Package, license.txt, under /doc/ folder. The license can also be seen here: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html. Code extensions available as separate modules in our download areas are most often released also under GPL, however the exact license depends on copywright holder of the extension code decision. Check the license terms in documentation bundled in the module package.

0.2 I have encountered strange behaviour, but no error messages are displayed!

First check the Forum and Wiki for similar behaviour. Eventually ask for help here.

If you have not found any information about the issue, but the application behaves buggy you should set the global variable  $go_debug to value 1. This variable is found in the beginning of the file config.php in the root folder of the installation. This setting will show you eventually warnings and/or errors that can help you further.

If you still have no error messages displayed, or you have noticed red warning triangle at the top of the page (timeout error) try to use FrontAccounting application in non-ajax fallback mode. To do it:

  • switch javascipt off in your browser
  • logout from FA application, then login again

After this procedure both  application and browser are switched to non-javascript mode which can unhide any otherwise invisible error messages. If you encounter no messsages but you observe long delays and slow responsiveness of the application your server is probably overloaded. In this case contact your server administrator for help, or consider change of your FA hosting service.


0.3 I have found a bug. What I should do?

If you encountered some strange application behaviour first try to ensure it is bug, not a feature. Check Wiki page related to the page where you found the problem, consult other FA users available on our forum, especially read posts in Bug reporting forum. If still unsure you can post bug description on Bug reporting forum. If you are sure this is really a bug please report it on Mantis bugtracking system.

0.4 FrontAccounting is big software but I need some customizations. What can I do?

First look in the Install / Update Extensions page in Setup tab, if there are some of the extensions that you can use. If not, and you are a skilled PHP programmer yourself, you can write an extension yourself. Look into one of the existent extensions to see how this is done.
If this doesn't help, you can put a question on the Jobs Wanted / Offered Forum. Please be specific about what you want to be done.

0.5 This is really excellent application, and I would like to support development team. How can I do it?

If you are not a developer, consider a donation. This can be done by the donation button found on the right side panel. These donations are given via PayPal. Every donation, small as bigger is very much appreciated and ensure continuation of the development.
If you are a developer, consider subscribing to the FrontAccounting Developers Mailing List. You can do that on the Wiki site, left panel. Also please send us an email on 'Contact Us' page.

1. Installation

1.1 This is my first installation. How should I proceed?

First unpack the FrontAccounting installation file into a subfolder of your web server root, f.i. frontaccounting.
In the root folder of the Installation there is an HTML file, install.html. Please read this file carefully.
Use phpMyAdmin or other tool/program to create a database for FrontAccounting, f.i. frontaccounting.
Now enter 'server_root/frontaccounting'. The first time this will direct you into an Install script. Please be sure that all the needed requirements are OK before proceeding. Then enter the rest of the information on the form. Remember to name your database to what you entered before. Also be sure to enter the correct username and password for the MySql database user.
If you have followed the instructions here and in the install.html, you should after a while see the login screen. Please enter the admin and password and you are up and running.

1.2 Something went wrong during my Installation process, what should I do?

If something went wrong during installation, please look into the Installation Forum to see if your problem can be found here. Otherwise place a question here.

1.3 I want to upgrade my installation with a new release. How do I do that?

If you have made any changes to the FrontAccounting Core files, you should back them up. Before upgrade make full database backup using built-in backup manager or phpMyAdmin application.
Look into the update.html, that is placed in the root folder of FrontAccounting. Read this file carefully.
You can now upload and overwrite all the files to your server.
If this is a minor release update, f.i. from 2.3.7 to 2.3.8 you are almost ready to run. There are only small changes to be fixed in your config.php file. This is explained in the update.html file.
If this is a major release update, f.i. from 2.3.8 to 2.4, you should enter FrontAccounting and go into Setup tab, Software Upgrade. Mark the Software Upgrade and press 'Upgrade System'. After that you are ready to go. But follow the instructions in update.html file.

1.4 Something went wrong during Software Upgrade, what should I do?

First restore databse from the dump file created before upgrade, then you can try a Software Upgrade again, but choose the Force upgrade and see if this helps. If you still can't finish upgrade successfully, please look into Installation Forum and see if you can find similar problems, otherwise place a question here.

2. Working with FrontAccounting

2.1 I have added new customer (supplier, item) but it is not visible in customer list

Go to Setup tab, Company Setup, and check that 'Search Customer/Supplier/Item list' are unmarked.
If these lists are marked, then you have enabled search for Customers/Suppliers/Items.
This might be a good idea if you have many records. You can then start a search by pressing a space in the list, or use the edit box in front of the list if such one is available. Now enter fragment of Customer/Supplier name or Item id, category or description and press tab. The list will now be populated with relevant records. If you enter a *, all records will be shown.

3. Development

3.1 I want to be involved in FrontAccounting development. What I should do?

Please start by making a subscription to our Developers Mailing List. Look in the Wiki, left panel. Here you can see how to subscribe to the mailing list.
Please also send us an email by using the 'Contact Us' page, and give us a brief description of yourself.

3.2 What is timetable for next FA release?

Minor Release, like 2.3.1 and 2.3.2 and so on, is often made after some bugfixes. Usually these updates are done monthly, but exact time between bugfix releases can be shorter or longer.

The next Major Release, 2.4, is planned to ship within a while. But remember that there are several stages to run. First a Beta release, then a Release Candidate 1 and then Release Candidate 2 are issued before final 2.4 version is made available. Whole process can will finish probably within a couple of months.

3.3 I want to implement new features in application, but I have no write access to Mercury (HG). Why?

To ensure source code consistency only core developers has  write access to our HG repository on sourceforge, however anybody can download local copy via anonymous access to HG and work on it. If you want to start new feature implementation, please discuss it on developers mailing list. Preliminary consultations rise chances to make the best possible implementation and help developer to choose right form of the code i.e. patch to core source or extension module.

3.4 I have implemented new excellent addition for FrontAcounting. How can I contribute it?

If you have already implemened the code you can send it to the contributons mail box found on our Contact Page, or directly to development team members (our mail addresses you will find on development mailing list). Keep in mind that final decision whether to integrate contribted code, refuse it or make available as extension module belongs to FrontAccounting core team.

If you have some good ideas to be put here in the FAQs please send us the suggestions by using the 'Contact Us' page. Also please leave an answer if you have some smart ideas.

FrontAccounting FAQ v.2 - 01.05.10


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