What's the deal?

How can I make money on Open Source? Well the License fees have been taken away, but there is still a need for many clients out there to get help from experts. 

So if you consider yourself being an expert in some way, please contact us, and we will evaluate it and put you on the Partner page.

We have assembled a short list of various possibilities. Some of the items could be both Open Source (free) and Services/Hardware/Solutions sold by you.

  • Sell Support and Maintenance Plans
  • Sell Reference Manual
  • Sell Training and Education
  • Sell Conferences
  • Sell On-Site Consulting and Coaching
  • Sell Speaking Engagements
  • Sell a subscription of the documentation
  • Sell Custom Software Development
  • Sell Extensions
  • Sell Web Hosting Services
  • Sell Pre-Integrated Applications
  • Sell an Application Service Provider (?)
  • Publish books (eBooks) for Open Source
  • Sell A Book (eBook)
  • Sell Development Tools
  • Sell a Magazine (Open source magazine)
  • Sell Business Applications
  • Sell Open Source Migration Services
  • Sell White Box Hardware
  • Sell Project Management Services
  • Sell Adverstising
  • Sell Computer Time (Internet Cafe)
  • Sell Gaming Time (?)
  • Sell Proprietary Software Bundling Open Source Software
  • Sell Systems Administration Services
  • Sell Accessories
  • Sell Network Usage
  • Solicit Donations
  • Sell Glue to tie it all together

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