Release 2.4.18

Posted by Joe (joe) on Apr 03 2024
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Release 2.4.18 is available for download at SourceForge.


This is a 2.4.18 release, which is a new feature release, PHP 8 compatibility release, as well as a bugfix release.

A couple of php 8.2 and 8.3 problems has been fixed. This release should now be PHP 8 compatible. The following versions has been tested: 8.0.0, 8.0.7, 8.0.12, 8.1.6, 8.2.0 and 8.3.2.

Please report any bugs/problems found via our Mantis Bugtracker at

Download instructions

In Sourceforge FrontAccounting (, select
Files -> FrontAccounting 2.4 ->2.4.18.

For Windows users select the zip file. For all other users select the tar.gz file.


FrontAccounting should NOT be used via unsecure http protocol. If you really need this - change SECURE_ONLY constant in /includes/ to false (comment in the file added). Unfortunately this option cannot be added in sysprefs/config.php because the settings are not available before session is started.


  • Fixed several php 8.2 deprecation bugs.
  • Fixed language modules integration.
  • New empty language template.


  • Bug 5722: Canceled Sales Orders Show Up In Sales Order Inquiry. Fixed.
  • Customer Transaction Inquiry on Reference (partly) fixed.
  • Bug 5711. Bad Content-type set for invoice mail attachment; malformed invoice mails sent from Win based FA servers. Fixed
  • Better sql construct in sales/includes/db/
  • Bug 5735. Problems with sending emails with encoding other than ASCII - fixed.

Items and Inventory

  • Wrong implicit conversion from double in Items. Fixed by using int.

Banking and General Ledger

  • Implemented attachments for Bank Accounts, and redesign of Bank Accounts to a tabbed window with Settings, transactions and attachments.
  • Bug. Edit Journal -> orphaned attachments after edit. Fixed.

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