Release 2.1.5

Posted by Joe (joe) on Aug 26 2009
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Version 2.1.5 of FrontAcounting has been released and is available on Sourceforge.

This is the last release in the 2.1 series.

Main topics in 2.1.5

  • Changing of config_db.php even if company creation failed.
  • Fixed bug in calculation of taxes for quick entries using multiply tax rates
  • Now fully backward compatibility with the creation of Balance Sheet/PL statement.
  • Memo field was not written in report, list of journal entries..
  • Added missing check for POS usage before deletion.
  • Quick Entries use Tax Types instead of Item Tax Types for calculating taxes (Please change the item lines for tax).
  • Quick Entry Lines of type Supplier Invoice. If the supplier is tax exempt, then there is no tax.on the line.
  • Deleting a GL account may cause problems with quick entries
  • Purchasing Price, price can now have up to 6 decimals (fractions of hundredth's) and are presented correctly.
  • If you need to increase the decimals in a current value, then you have to delete it and create it again with new values.

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