• The FAQ on the home page of FrontAccounting provides some general answers to common pre-use questions.
  • This page is intended to be more of a technical FAQ.
  • Prior to making entries on this page, some pertinent info that should be here was entered elsewhere in the wiki and is available in each menu item help page and in the Technical Resources page.
  • Since the categorisation of this list must evolve, for now it will be a bag of FAQs.
  • Anything that can be determined after 5 of 10 minutes of using the FA application should not generally get into this list as it would render the FAQ unusable in a very short time, flooding it with subjects which are obvious.
  • Questions phrased for easier search and hence not fully lexically formed.
  • No numbering of the FAQs for now till categorisation evolves. Insert new FAQ at appropriate point for easy categorisation later.

Supplier and Customer - Quotation / Order / Invoice in multi-currency

  • FA has limited multi-currency support. In AP/AR this is limited to single currency per customer/supplier. Nothing needs to be set up, but currency for given customer/supplier have to be selected. Both Orders and Invoices are issued in customer/supplier currency.

Quotation data change in Order

  • Quotation is loosely coupled with the associated order, so order content can be altered as desired.

Single order from Multiple Quotations

  • But there is no possibility to issue single order based on more than one quotation (as of now).

Deletion state of Invoices

  • Once issued, an invoice can be voided, but not deleted completely. This means the Invoice artifact still resides in View or Print Transactions, but has no influence on balances.

Workflow authorisation for Quotation / PO / Invoice

  • Not implemented in core FA as yet. Can be added using custom written extensions.

Bank Account Reconciliation

  • Available - the Bank Statement must be uploaded - since each bank has their own format for statements, it must be converted accordingly to be automatic. Banking and General Ledger -> Reconcile Bank Account. Bank reconciliation report will be available in FA v2.4

Report generator

  • Available as an addon module, but it is insecure in it's current form and edit/add functions do not work properly in the current version though reports can be manually entered into the database following the examples available.

WebERP <=> FA Migration

  • Whilst FA is an early fork of WebERP, table structures have diverged quite a lot. Hence any migration of data from one to the other must take into account versions of both, their field types and sizes, which tables / fields to match and what related data must be absorbed and/or defaulted to among others.

Generate Invoice without Quotation / Delivery Order (DO)

  • Use Direct Invoice after setting up atleast one item, possibly a Service Item.