This page was conceived by a request from Stefan Sotirov on behalf of non native English speakers to understand Accounting Terms in general and FrontAccounting Terms and abbreviations in particular and has been extended to different "dialects" of English as well.

Generally when you install your language in FA and select it as your preferred display language and if the terms in your language/country are available in the translations, your language strings will reflect them correctly - otherwise inform us of any translation deviations or ambiguity or even plain meaninglessness and the devs would address it.

General Words

  • Funds: Money
  • Recurring: Repeating at constant intervals
  • Navigate: Sequence of menu choices
  • Access: Permission to enter
  • API: Application Programming Interface
  • SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol
  • Portrait: Vertical Report Layout
  • Landscape: Horizontal Report Layout

General Accounting Terms

  • AR: Accounts Receivable
  • AP: Accounts Payable
  • GL: General Ledger
  • PO: Purchase Order
  • SO: Sales Order
  • SQ: Sales Quote
  • WO: Work Order
  • GRN: Goods Receival Note
  • REMITTANCE: Document that shows payments made to suppliers
  • Fiscal Year: Accounting Year
  • COGS: Cost of Goods Sold
  • Inventory: Store Stock
  • EQUITY: Share Capital
  • Warehouse: Stock Location

FrontAccounting Abbreviations and Phrases

Most 2 and 3 letter casesensitive abbreviations are present in the $type_shortcuts array in includes/ file and are used selectively in the report forms combo select boxes as prefixes or suffixes to the document number. These strings are translatable to be meaningful abbreviations in the preferred language.

  • SI: Sales Invoice
  • PI: Purchase Invoice
  • DN: Delivery Note - this string (DN) is placed between the DN No. and the Customer Name in Reports and Analyses => Customer => Print Deliveries in the From and To form elements.
  • CP: Customer Payments - this string (CP) is placed between the CP No. and the Customer Name in Reports and Analyses => Customer => Print Receipts in the From and To form elements.
  • SP: Supplier Payments - this string (SP) is placed between the SP No. and the Supplier Name in Reports and Analyses => Supplier => Print Remittances in the From and To form elements.
  • Dimensions: Profit and Loss transaction bunching to denote departments and other cost centres
  • Tags: Bunching transactions for single event
  • Quick Entries (QE): A set of general ledger transactions done together to save time and prevent errors
  • PTT: Payment Term Types
  • BT: Bank Transaction Types
  • PT: Payment Types like Transfers / Cheque / Credit / Cash
  • PM: Payment Terms Categories
  • CL: GL Account Classes
  • Sales Folk: Salesman

Country Specific Terms


  • Packing list: Pick Ticket


  • EI Expense: Employment Insurance Expense
  • CPP Expense: Canada Pension Plan Expense
  • WCB Expense: Workers Compensation Board Expense
  • State: Province (as in Provincial Sales tax)
  • GST: Federal Goods and Service Tax