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FA 2.4 now supports various UTF-8 Character set Collations.

Current Usage

  • The use of MySQL collation in FA 2.4 is limited to the statements:
  • Both MySQL and MySQLi partake of the same FA functions to implement it.

Supported Collations

  • The various EU language collations are supported.
  • They are looked up using a language index code in the function get_mysql_collation() defined in includes/db/ file.
  • MySQL encodings are looked up in the function get_mysql_encoding_name() in the same file.
  • If any invalid language index code is presented, the default code of 'utf8_xx' is assumed and utf8_unicode_ci is returned and is the multi language collation.
  • A language index code among utf8_xx, utf8_it, utf8_es, etc is the one stored in the config_db.php file for each company.
  • The valid language index codes are in the array variable $supported_collations defined at the end of includes/ file.
  • The array $supported_collations populates the collation select box in the Create Company form and the Installer using the function collations_list_row() defined in includes/ui/ file.