This page is predominantly for FA 2.3.x. In FA 2.4.x, the is already included.

On logging in, when one wishes to see the essential metrics on each tab, the Dashboard theme and extension are use. Alternatively, the exclusive_for_dashboard theme can be used too.


  • Login as admin into the default company
  • Install the Dashboard Extension from the FA Web UI: Setup => Install/Activate Extensions
  • Activate it for the companies desired from the same page
  • Install the Dashboard Theme from the FA Web UI: Setup => Install/Activate Themes
  • Logout
  • Login as admin into the target company
  • Tick the Dashboard Permissions for the Admin Role in the FA Web UI: Setup => Access Setup => Choose System Administrator and Save Role.
  • Logout and login again into the default company as admin
  • Under the Setup => Miscellaneous Menu group 2 new links appear - Dashboard Setup and Dashboard Reminders - set as desired.
  • Select the User preferences as the Dashboard Theme for any / all user(s)
  • Logout
  • Login as the desired user / admin (the one with the Dashboard Theme chosen)