This Inquiry shows the Sales Orders for a given period. You have the option to look at an entire Quotation, Mark a Sales Order to be a Template for Deliveries/Invoices, edit an Order and print an Order.


You can extend the period or minimize the period or filter the Inquiry by Location and/or Item.

The Sales Orders can however be deleted when editing. And when deleting a fiscal year, the Orders inside the fiscal year will be deleted.

The Tmpl checkbox needs to be checked (ticked) to enable it to be used in Template Invoices and Template Deliveries. This will toggle the sales_orders.type field between boolean 0 and 1. See Forum Post.

The Zero values checkbox needs to be checked (ticked) in order to view Sales Orders that have Zero Quantities for all line items. This will occur when a Delivery Order that was created against the Sales Order is subsequently VOIDED, and the Sales Order is subsequently CANCELED when no other deliveries have been made against the Sales Order. The Sales Order will remain, but all line items will have a Zero quantity. If the Zero values checkbox is NOT checked, those Zero Value Sales Orders will not be listed in the inquiry.

Tips and Tricks

Sales Ordered may be used as templates for other documents. If you need a specific Sales Order to be a template use 'Tmpl column.
Use templates in:

  1. Select Template For Delivery
  2. Invoicing based on a Template
  3. Recurrent Invoices