Sales Types allow you to define pricing levels for specific types customers. A very common separation is between retail and wholesale customers. Depending on your primary customer base, you may either provide a discount or up-charge for a particular group.

For example, if 75% of your business is wholesale, and the balance retail, you would likely use your wholesale pricing as your base price list, and add some kind of up-charge for your retail customers:

  1. Wholesale - base
  2. Retail - 1.25 (25% up-charge)

Were the roles reversed, you may do something like:

  1. Retail - base
  2. Wholesale - 0.75 (25% discount)

Promotions, penalties for habitually late-paying or problematic customers, or any other situation where you may want to provide a standard deviation on all items a specific customer may buy.

Markup over Standard cost too is available.


Taken from FA v2.4.7+


  • New Sales Type:
    1. Enter the name of the new Sales Type under Sales Type Name.
    2. Enter the factor by which to adjust base pricing.
    3. Check the Tax included box if taxes should be a factor when making the calculation.
    4. Click Add new.
  • Modify Sales Type: Click the edit icon and follow the instructions for creating a new group. Click Update to complete, or Cancel to go back.
  • Delete Sales Type: Click the delete icon to remove a Sales Type.

Tips and Tricks

  • A Sales Type may not be deleted if any transactions using it exist.
  • Create a list of Sales Pricing for each Sales Type