Set/reset the current reference number for various forms.


Enter the first/next number to appear on each respective form. Front Accounting will increment this number by one each time the corresponding form (ie. invoices, sales orders, etc) is created. These numbers can be reset by re-entering the desired starting number.

Example 1: If you wish your invoices to have 6 digits and start at 500000 simply enter that figure into Next Reference and it will be used as the next reference number. FA will automatically increment this number each time a new document of the specified type is created.

Duplicate Reference Numbers for multiple users

  • FA 2.3.x: Increment the number and try save document again.
  • FA 2.4.x: Define reference number template which will use separate identifier for every user; so, effectively, every user will have their own numbering sequence.

Tips and Tricks

  • FA can work with alpha-numeric references too. So, if you want to prepend sales orders with an S you would enter: S0001.
  • New Year Reference Resetting: The templates {YY} and {YYYY} use the current date / document date. In some places like India where the accounting year is not the calendar year, the need to use the year value of the beginning of the fiscal will not be satisfied by this method.