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Field debtor_trans.tpe

Reference to 'Wholesale', 'Retail', etc. pricing factors.

Database inconsistency resolution for debtor transactions

In some rare instances, a payment may be added which has no GL transactions. Customer Transactions report will show a debit of 0.00. GL will show for example: No general ledger transactions have been created for Customer Payment number 5 and clicking the transaction number 5 will result in a Database Error. Customer Payment is transaction type 12.

This issue is resolved by resetting the concerned tables for the said transaction 5 with:

DELETE FROM 0_debtor_trans WHERE type=12 and trans_no=5;
DELETE FROM 0_debtor_trans_details WHERE debtor_trans_type=12 and debtor_trans_no=5;
DELETE FROM 0_bank_trans WHERE type=12 trans_no=5;