Release 2.3.8

Posted by Joe (joe) on Nov 10 2011
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Release 2.3.8 is now available for download at


This release is a 2.3.8 release, and is considered as stable.


  • Fixed typos in _number_to_words().
  • Fixed hangouts on php installations with zlib extension installed, fixed warnings logged during install.
  • Fixed a IE9 compatible session regenerate id.
  • FA tried to print logo for new clients even if it doesn't exist.
  • Option to use iso-8859-13 (The Baltic Countries) in pdf reports.
  • Fixed problem with currency definition deletion.
  • Fixed problem in package repository communication.


  • Added links to payments for invoices in customer allocation inquiry.
  • Previous shipping costs are properly taken into account for multiple deliveries for single order.
  • Option for changing dimensions when editing Sales Invoice.
  • A default branch is created when creating a new customer (if $auto_create_branch=1 in config.php).
  • Allowing edit of Customer Payments.
  • New tabs for Transactions and Sales Orders in Add/Manage Customers.
  • Fixed small bug in sales orders inquiry, page title.


  • Fixed supplier order reference uniqueness.
  • Added links to payments for invoices in supplier allocation inquiry.
  • New tabs for Transactions and Purchase Orders in Suppliers.

Items and Inventory  

  • New tabs for Transactions and Status in Items.

Banking and General Ledger  

  • Bank payment/deposit edit. Attachment will follow the new edit number.
  • Fixed bank transaction edition problem.

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