Release 2.3.6

Posted by Joe (joe) on Jul 22 2011
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Release 2.3.6 is now available for download at


This release is a 2.3.6 release, and is considered as stable.


  • Added hook for authentication from external sources like LDAP.
  • Rewitten document reports layout for easier modifications, support for multiply payment services.
  • Cleanup in document footer text.
  • Cleanup (fixed installed_extensions inclusion).
  • Fixed access control on redirected reports.
  • Added filename selection checks in backup.


  • Report Aged Customer Analysis Total didn't match the record totals.
  • Fixed regression in cash invoice entry (location change ignored).
  • Removed condition in calculation of COGS in
  • Fixed invalid sales order update on voiding delivery note after SO line is removed.
  • Fixed unneeded input fields reset after input error in Customers.


  • If Supplier Payment in another currency the bank charge was wrongly calculated.
  • Added supplier reference uniqueness check in Direct Supplier Invoice.
  • Added GRN voiding.

Items and Inventory

  • Negative Stock Handling is now prior to add_stock_move.
  • Cost Update form used cached old cost - fixed.
  • Fixed empty inventory sales report for all customers.



Banking and General Ledger

  • Fixed updating a GL account that is also a bank account.
  • GL Inquiry, trial balance for a non-balance account for non-current year showed 0.
  • Creation of audit trail and reference in GL was missing when deleting fiscal year.
  • Added checks on bank account creation to avoid selection of already used GL account.

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