Release 2.3.5

Posted by Joe (joe) on Jun 09 2011
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Release 2.3.5 is now available for download at


This release is a 2.3.5 release, and is considered as stable.


  • Option for Show Also Allocated in Aged Customer/Supplier List.
  • Display company name in warning when deleting company.
  • Manual Revaluation of Currency Accounts now also inlcudes AR/AP accounts update.
  • Improved notification in revaluation of currencies and fixed a summation bug.
  • Fixed backup/restore screen layout displayed in Chrome.
  • Fixed setting contact categories as inactive.
  • Added attachment link after most popular entry forms.
  • SQL trail switched off during database restore.
  • Fixed Chrome issue with blocked cursor focus when enter is received on empty selectors.
  • Timeout on long processing like backup/restore enlarged to 10 min.


  • Direct Sales Invoice Duedate was not stored correctly in database.
  • Customer Credit Notes should not be included in Print Receipts.
  • Added tax summary to Sales Quotation Report.
  • Added sales order edit link in Delivery Against Sales Orders.
  • Fixed recurrent invoices messages, new recurrent invoices now show no last date.
  • Changed Print Statements to follow aged customer/supplier list in presentation.
  • Branches were repeated in Customer Branches table when more than one contact defined.
  • Customer/branch list was searched on name and not reference.
  • Missing links to Print/Email invoices after creating Recurrent Invoices.
  • Improved Creation and ability to change Last Sent Date in Recurrent Invoices.
  • Setting customer/supplier currency bank account in payment / deposit forms.


  • Fixed message on po line removal in purchase invoice.
  • Fixed selection by date in supplier transactions inquiry.

Items and Inventory

  • Fixed problem with GRN clearing account initialization in GL setup.
  • Fixed item settings display after data update in Items.


  • Clean up in various files.
  • Voiding work order missed voiding bank transactions.


  • Wrong Balance in Search Dimensions and changing dates in view dimensions didn't work.

Banking and General Ledger

  • Fixed amount display in bank deposit view.
  • Additional checks on bank transaction entry/delete to avoid overdraft in following gransactions.
  • Parse error after last changes in bank transfer.
  • Voided bank transactions removed from bank inquiry.
  • Current fiscal year in en_US-*.sql set to 2011.
  • Fixed wrong date displayed in View/Print transaction for edited journal entries.
  • Fixed subheaders gettext in Trial Balance inquiry.
  • Quick Entries. Problems with latest MySql release.
  • Bank Deposit / Payment Edition fixed (rewritten database rewrite scheme to void+add).
  • Fixed javascript bug in price_format for max decimals.

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