Release 2.3.4

Posted by Joe (joe) on Apr 27 2011
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Release 2.3.4 is now available for download at


This release is a 2.3.4 release, and is considered as stable.


  • Fixed error handling in trace debug mode (go_debug=2).
  • Fixed logout error when setting show users online.
  • Improved reports: COA, Trial Balance and Tax Report by Chaitanya. 
  • Changed tax group retrieval functions to return all tax types (with filtered tax rates).
  • Rewritten tax group editor.
  • db_insert_id() returned wrong id when $sql_trail=1.
  • Fixed taxes display for multiply tax types included in price.
  • Fixed excel report redirection (regresion after customer selector in reports improvement).
  • Improved search filter in Void Transactions (like View Print Transactions)
  • Removed sparse in_ID lang folder (installation).
  • Entry into Upgrade Software option triggered automatic config.php changes even without starting upgrade.
  • [0000619] Fixed javascript related timeout issues.
  • Fixed bug in create_coy, resulting in database reset on company seting change.


  • New report, Sales Summary Report, added under Sales Reports..
  • [0000707] Fixed sales transaction edition (invalid max quantities for second and next lines).


  • Optional printing item codes on purchase order report with config.php $show_po_item_codes.
  • Removed sparse grn item id from purchase invoice entry form.

Items and Inventory

  • [0000692] Tab characters should be forbidden in item code.
  • [0000714] Bug creating GL trans on inventory items in supplier invoice when tax included.


  • Work Order issue with 0 qty was accepted


Banking and General Ledger

  • Display bank balance in payment forms.
  • Cleanup of on screen Trial Balance.
  • Added check for duplicate account group code.

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