Release 2.3.3

Posted by Joe (joe) on Apr 02 2011
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Release 2.3.3 is now available for download at


This release is a 2.3.3 release, and is considered as stable.


  • Unique Reference check fixed when running manual Revaluation of Currency
  • Converted currencies are now rounded correctly when using Funds transfers
  • Searchable customer/supplier selectors in reports options (if set in company prefs).
  • Corrected customer/suppliers/... editors popups dimensions to display all needed content.
  • Support for nonstandard delimiters in db_import()
  • Fixed problem installing in languages other than EN - part II (MS Windows)
  • Fixed issue with function is_date_in_fiscalyear
  • Credit Invoice report moved to separate file.
  • Fixed negative values processing in add_months()
  • Language templates updated. Also for Installer.
  • Fixed upgrade routines from 2.1.X series and reorganized db_export.


  • Fixed location changes in Direct Invoice. - Inability to create recurrent invoice fixed.
  • Fixed regresion in cash sales invoice.
  • Voiding delivery note now works
  • Entering written off Credit Note is fixed.
  • Error during delivery note read for edition is fixed.
  • Error during Credit Note deletion (typo in void_sales_invoice) fixed..
  • Fixed tax calculation for tax_included sales invoices to avoid rounding differences.
  • Customer invoice inquire displayed also payments.
  • Added customer filter in sales order inquiries.
  • Warning if line price is below standard cost in sales documents.


  • Fixed invalid costing results due to changes in PO rate
  • Fixed over received PO issue
  • PO Number disappears on Supplier Invoice when clicked on add. Fixed.
  • Fixed Supplier Credit Error,
  • Missing restriction on fiscal year in direct GRN and direct Supp Invoice. Fixed.

Items and Inventory

  • When voiding Inventory Adjustment the costs are now adjusted too.
  • Dummy/service items removed from inventory status/movements inquires.
  • Reversing stock move rather than voiding as it is hazardous to lose stock movement trail with respect to costing
  • Improved GRN Evaluation Report by Chaitanya.
  • Added missing check for references to item_tax_ype in item_categories.
  • Fixed foreign key check on item tax type deletion.
  • Better Negative stock prevention checking
  • Fixed issue with Inventory Adjustment with 0 cost value
  • Service Items - BOM & Cost Update allowed without side-effects
  • Changes in void_stock_adjustment.
  • Many Improvements in Costing Valuations, Chaitanya.


  • Fixed Work Order issue form : Unit cost should not be editable
  • Work Order entry form now shows qty correctly while editing
  • Fixed error updating BOM


Banking and General Ledger

  • Don't allow inactivation of GL Accounts belonging to Bank Accounts
  • Minor fix in bank account transfer (currencies).
  • Voided gl_trans_view now display properly
  • Better Trial Balance Inquiry. Chaitanya.
  • Problem with cash balance constraint during payment edition fixed. 

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