Release 2.3.21

Posted by Joe (joe) on May 21 2014
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Release 2.3.21 is available for download at SourceForge.


This is a 2.3.21 security & bugfix release.

Important Note for release 2.3.21.

This version consists crucial security patches, so all FA users running any earlier 2.3.x application version are encouraged to update their installations to version 2.3.21 as soon as possible. This applies especially to all publicly available servers,  f.i. installations which are run in not fully trusted environment like public demos, shared accounts or SAAS installations.

  • Added option to allow user password reset (by Mithy).
  • Changed decimal places in preferences to be number lists instead of input boxes.
  • Selecting the cancel button in confirming the voiding of document did not work properly.
  • Fixed sql mode setting for MySql databases greater than release 5.5.
  • Redirect all database errors to error log unless $go_debug is switched on.
  • Several security issues fixed.
  • When canceling a non finished sales quotation FA should not try to delete record.
  • Allow changing currency on customer as long as no transactions exist.
  • Allow changing currency on supplier as long as no transactions exist.
  • Fixed email option labels in Supplier Reports.
  • Fixed unexpected additional GL postings when tax was used in Supplier Invoice/Credit additional GL lines.
Items and Inventory
  • Fixed image upload in Items.
  • Sending location email when below reorder also in Items Transfer and Adjustment.

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