Release 2.3.20

Posted by Joe (joe) on Mar 10 2014
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Release 2.3.20 is available for download at SourceForge.


This is a 2.3.20 security & bugfix release.

Important Note for release 2.3.20.


This version consists crucial security patches, so all FA users running any earlier 2.3.x application version are encouraged to update their installations to version 2.3.20 as soon as possible. This applies especially to all installations which are run in not fully trusted environment like public demos, shared accounts or SAAS installations.


  • Allowing more than one document attachment per number.
  • Voiding an allocated currency invoice doesn't clear Exchange account
  • Fixed a check that company logo exists when using header3.
  • Fixed security issues in file uploads.
  • Gettext template update.


  • Fixed back link presented when trying to modify fully invoiced Customer Delivery.
  • Link customer payment entry after saving Invoice (if not cash).


  • Supplier Payments: Fixed error during payment allocation in strict MySQL mode.
  • Fixed bug in Supplier Credit Note allocation to Purchase Invoice.
  • Supp credit notes should not be shown in allocable list.

Items and Inventory

  • Fixed inventory valuation bug after voiding foreign supplier GRN leading to negative inventory.
  • Inventory Items Movements always starts with 0 qty. Fixed.

Banking and General Ledger

  • Payments, Deposits: fixed false error when payment is made in customer/supplier currency.
  • Journal Inquiry (bank transaction view): fixed database error on bank transaction view triggered on some buggy MySQL versions.
  • Avoiding redundant passes in Fiscal Year deletion.
  • Supplier info not shown on gl inquiry for bank account.
  • If no memo on GL line in GL account inquiry, the comments for the voucher is shown on the line.

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