Release 2.3.16

Posted by Joe (joe) on May 08 2013
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Release 2.3.16 is available for download at SourceForge.


This is a 2.3.16 release, and is
considered as stable.


  • New and better favicon.ico file
  • Reverse order of transaction in admin/view void transaction (last
    transaction appears on the first page)
  • Fixed problem with MIME headers in emailed documents on gmail (pdf files
    encoded in email body instead of attachment).


  • Improvement in Customer Detail Listing (general notes added)
  • Fixed charge customer address in Sales Order report
  • Fixed bugs when printing Recurrent Invoices.
  • When using templates for delivery and invoice, the lines and comments were
  • Crediting an invoice in transactions stated wrong invoice date.
  • Improved Customer Balances Report. Option to choose last column as
  • Add customer filter in Invoice report
  • Oustanding Orders Inquiry can be sorted by Customer, Ref and Order
  • Fixed rounding error (not filtering some 0.00 transactions) in Customer
    Statement report
  • Add Clear/Reset quantity button to sales order delivery (handy when doing
    partial delivery of a big order).
  • Optional switch in config file for sorting document lines by item code
    during Sales Order/Direct Delivery/Direct Invoice edition.


  • Improvement in Supplier Detail Listing (general notes added)
  • Removed voided transactions from Supplier Balances report.
  • Fixed dimensions support in supplier invoice: supplier dimension (if any)
    overrides stock item defined dimension.
  • Improved Supplier Balances Report. Option to choose last column as balance.
  • Supplier credit note was not properly checked against sufficient quantity on
  • Changed supplier payment to accept amount in foreign currency instead of
    exchange rate.

Items and Inventory

  • New Costed Inventory Movement Report added (rep308.php).
  • New Items Sales Summary Report.
  • Added 'Item Like' parameter to Stock Sheet Report allowing SQL LIKE or
    regexp filtering by item code.
  • Added 'All locations' option in Stock Movements inquiry.
  • Auto search after location, user or item change in outstanding orders


  • Advanced assembly can now work with empty BOM. (use Issue for adding


  • Dimension view balances were not updated after change in date range

Banking and General Ledger

  • Added Work Order selection option in types list selector in Journal
  • Option in config file to exclude balanced transactions for past years from
    Brought forward column in Trial Balance.

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