Release 2.3.14

Posted by Joe (joe) on Jan 17 2013
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Release 2.3.14 is available for download at SourceForge.


  • Fixes for Graphic Pie and Donut.
  • Added back links to allocation inquiries on final page of customer/supplier payment.
  • Fixed Customer Payment Edition.
  • 'Page expired' prevention rewritten due to caching problems in some browsers.
  • Database structure was not updated for extension packages activated by default.
  • Fixed write test for main directory during install.
  • All outgoing emails are optionally send also to BCC mailbox configured in company setup.
  • Increased the allowed entry of chars in company name, login and create_coy to 50.
  • New $def_print_orientation variable in config.default.php
  • Print Links uses def_print_orientation value.
  • Implemented Selectable Print Orientation (Portrait, Landscape) for all reports in report centre.


  • Added option to sort by customer and order number in customer allocations.

Items and Inventory

  • New core report, Inventory Purchasing Report in Items and Inventory.

Banking and General Ledger

  • Added check for correct account selected for Retained Earnings and Profit/Loss Year in GL Setup.
  • The on-screen reports Trial Balance and P&L Drilldown now follow the printed reports periods.
  • Translation conflicts in Bank Deposit/Payment. The 'To' should be 'Into'.

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