Release 2.3.12

Posted by Joe (joe) on Sep 15 2012
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Release 2.3.12 is available for download at SourceForge.


This release is a 2.3.12 release, and is considered as stable.


  • When creating new company and administrator password is, it is set to 'password' as default.
  • Error is raised if no exrate is available for given currency up to selected date (fixes 0001669).
  • Small fixes in attachments upload.
  • Improved date input fields keyboard support (fast day/day+month edition).
  • 0001767: Company Creation assigning externally created database.
  • 0001768: Company on login screen can be now selected also by Editbox instead of list selector (enabled by a new flag in config.php - $text_company_selection).
  • Improved error handling in printer class.
  • Inactive menu options can now be hidden (new flag in config.php - $hide_inaccessible_menu_items).
  • Security cleanup on 'where' parameter in a couple of list helpers.
  • Security cleanups in access roles and db_pager.
  • Hard coded theme path fixed.
  • Added prevention against brute force atacks on login page (new settings in config.php $login_delay, $login_max_attempts).


  • 0001606: Statement were not sent to general contact
  • Fixed creation of invalid Direct Sales Invoice when operation is continued after previous entry cancelation.
  • Fixed access control issues on finish page of Direct Sales.
  • Fixed get_sales_order_header and get_debtor_trans queries to avoid errors on empty ship_via field.
  • Fixed incorect selection of invoices in Customer Payments when search customer option is used.


  • Purchases - Direct Invoice - Database Error in some mysql configurations
  • Fixed access control issues on finish page of Purchase Invoice.
  • Fixed incorect selection of invoices in Payments To Supplier when search supplier option is used.

Items and Inventory

  • Added check not empty location code in Inventory Locations.



Banking and General Ledger

  • Remember last document date also in Bank Transfer.
  • Location Transfer should not be included in journal_type_list.
  • Adding an already existing GL Account Code was not reported as error.

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