Release 2.3.10

Posted by Joe (joe) on Feb 03 2012
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Release 2.3.10 is now available for download at Sourceforge.


This release is a 2.3.10 release, and is considered as stable.


- Added memo/comments print in remittance and receipt. Optimized memo/prints in other docs.
- Database export optimization (minimized restore time).
- Added graphic edit/add icons in lists with $editkey (F2 aso.).
  Requires $use_icon_for_editkey in config.php set to 1.
- Improved float compare in certain files (AR/AP ledger). FLOAT_COMP_DELTA defined to 0.004. 
- Gettext domain was not properly restored after invoking hook provided by extension.
- Several imporvements in user interphase helpers.
- Restrict the voiding transaction of closed fiscal year.
- Fixed a translation bug in gettext php, that could create huge session files left.
- Changed session gettext to use a global variable instead for smaller footprints in session files.


- Salesman listing not adding over page break in report.
- Put correct bank account on receipt.
- Added email address in status message when emailing documents.
- Removed option to edit allocated sales invoices in Journal Inquiry.
- Delivery Location wrong when different from PO.
- Do not print zero lines amount of 0.00 in Sales Documents if service item,
  $no_zero_lines_amount set to 1 in config.php.
- Customer Payments from customers on hold now only throws a warning. You can still pay.
  Also in Bank deposits/payments.
- Insufficent quantities "marker" use wrong date in Sales Order. Should use delivery date.
- Switching to cash sales in documents didn't preserve the delivery date.


- Put correct bank account on remittance.

Items and Inventory

- Improvement in voiding stock move.



Banking and General Ledger


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