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Posted by Joe (joe) on Dec 09 2010
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Release 2.3.0 (Final) is now available for download at


This release is the final 2.3 release, therefore development process has been finished, and this 2.3.0 version is considered as stable.

Thanks to guys from CybSec S.A this version is far more secure against various remote attacks. Special thanks to Mithy who contributes his time and knowledge to make FrontAccounting secure. If you have run FrontAccounting demo server the application update to current 2.3 version is strongly encouraged.

Since 2.3RC3 release in October some issues in upgrade routines were fixed, so upgrade on multicompany installations should now be flawless. More details on changes done you will find below.

News in FrontAccounting 2.3 Beta/RC/RC2/RC3 and Final


  • Allow reuse of references previously used on voided transactions
  • Unaccesable menu options are now displayed as grey text.
  • Changed context help organization to enable use of central multilanguage wiki.
  • Enabled use of externally defined report headers/layouts in php and/or pdf form.
  • Added 'View Attachments' if any in all popup view windows
  • Added a date column and combined the # and View column in 'View / Print Transactions.
  • Changed Voiding Transaction to also include a pager.
  • Prepared the Report Engine for Tags handling.
  • Reorganized payment terms editor
  • Added integration of custom and extended reports into reporting module
  • Added discrete users online in footer (from Wish List Forum).
  • Changed $date_system value of 3 to be traditional, but non-workday is Friday and start of week is Saturday. For DatePicker.
  • Changed access control extensions support for modules/plugins to use unique extension ids
  • Themes are now all CSS based.
  • Optional displaying all sql queries in footer for debugging purposes
  • --- 2.3 RC ---
  • New customer/supplier currency can be edited as long as no transaction is entered.
  • New packaged extensions system (extensions, themes, COAs, languages)
  • Added Chart of accounts installation.
  • Versions information moved to separate file.
  • Added preprinted forms folder
  • Added Email link when updating documents.
  • Diagnostic tests moved to separate file, to be reused during FA install.
  • Rewritten installation wizard, uploading additional COAs from repository during install
  • Added langauges selection in installer.
  • Default language code changed form 'en_GB' to 'C'
  • Extended number formatting to allow maximum precision numbers with 'max' specifier.
  • --- 2.3 RC2 ---
  • Option for saving report selections ($save_report_selections > 0 in config.php means days to save)
  • --- 2.3 RC3 ---
  • Additional sql parameters sanitizations against SQLI attacks with help from CybSec, Argentina.
  • Upgrade with MySQL in strict mode fixed
  • Added Greek Installer translation by Kyriakos Tsoukalas
  • Heaps of other minor improvements
  • --- 2.3 Final ---
  • All mysql specific functions moved to
  • Fixed broken excel reports for non-latin encodings
  • New hooks system added (easier creating extensions)
  • New Graphics font, LiverationSans_regular instead of Vera.
  • Further sanitizations checks done with help by Mithy
  • Improved reports menu display


  • Include freight_cost in Sales Quotations, Orders in inquiries.
  • Full support for items with editable descriptions in sales documents
  • Sales terms selectable on order/invoice basis, default terms retrieved from customer record.
  • Added multiply categorized customer/branch contacts in separate table, per contact report language selection
  • Added customer document language selection
  • Option to print Delivery Note as Packing Slip (without price details)..
  • Changed so reference no in QUOTE/SO/INV/CRE is printed instead of trans_no if global variable in config.php, $print_invoice_no = 0 (default).
  • Changed voiding of Direct Invoice to automatically void 'auto' delivery and set SO quantity and qty_sent to 0.
  • Added an alternative way of presenting tax included on invoices. This is done by setting a global variabel $alternative_tax_include_on_docs = 1.
  • Option to suppress tax rates on documents. To be used for tax on tax. The tax % should be included in the tax name and the calculated rate be set as the rate. $suppress_tax_rates in config.php set to 1.
  • --- 2.3 RC ---
  • Changed Report Statements to accept selector Outstanding Only
  • Added taxes display for sales order/quotation
  • Added support for dimension when creating delivery from sales order
  • Added support for dimension when creating invoice from delivery
  • --- 2.3 Final ---
  • Fixed reference display in credit note edition
  • Contact edition fixed
  • Removed possibility to use bank account instead of AR account


  • Added Direct GRN and Direct Invoice in purchases module
  • Multiply order items with the same stock_id (with warning), code cleanups
  • Changed so reference no in PO is printed instead of trans_no if global variable in config.php, $print_invoice_no = 0 (default).
  • Added multiply categorized supplier contacts in separate table, per contact report language selection
  • Added supplier document language selection
  • Changed Outstanding GRN Report to use Actual Price instead of Std Cost.
  • --- 2.3 RC ---
  • Added GRNs to supplier transaction inquiry
  • Added support for transactions with tax included prices
  • Added purchase account special option for using item's account
  • --- 2.3 RC3 ---
  • Added credit info in supplier invoice and supplier credit note.

Items and Inventory

  • Changed so also Item Adjustment and Cost Update allow more than 2 dec in price
  • Changed so 'Allow Negative Stock' will update the GL cogs/inventory when the correct values later are obtained.
  • --- 2.3 RC ---
  • Better calculating of cost update (average material price)
  • --- 2.3 RC3 ---
  • Changed Inventory Sales Report to use average cost by actual trans dates if nonzero.


  • --- 2.3 RC ---
  • Added more memo info in advanced manufacture / Chaitanya
  • --- 2.3 RC3 ---
  • Changed so Advanced Manufacturing now generate GL items during issueing and do not wait until production.
  • Stamping the memo field with various dates depending on operations (costs, issues, productions).
  • Changed sortorder of Work Order Inquiry to be Date descending. Newest on top.


  • Included dimension(s) in Bank Deposit/Payment View and correct signs.
  • --- 2.3 RC3 ---
  • Added Dimension selections in Profit and Loss and Balance drilldown and Trial Balance

Banking and General Ledger

  • Added a Profit and Loss Drilldown page and changed menu link
  • Allowing modifying of Bank Payments/Deposits
  • Added Account tags selection in Annual Expense Breakdown, Balanse Sheet and Profit and Loss Sheet
  • Added option for Manual Revaluation of Currency Accounts
  • Allowing the Tax Report to be printed to Excel/OO Calc
  • Changed report Annual Expense Breakdown to follow the fiscal year instead of calendar year. The year selector selects the start of the fiscal year. Only the last 12 months are shown.
  • Added amount range in GL inquires.
  • Enhanced Quick Entries to also support Balance Based source amount. Monthly or Yearly (all) Only works with type Journal Entry.
  • Extended account id's to 15 chars. Changed account type to varchar(10) and class id varchar(3). Ability to change account groups online.
  • Added a selector for decimal values in Balance Sheet and P/L Statement
  • Allowing SA_MULTIFISCALYEAR access to enter transactions on open fiscal years
  • --- 2.3 RC ---
  • Added Revenue / Cost Accruals to be included in core FA
  • Added total debit/credit in
  • Improvements to bank inquiry credit/debit totals as well.
  • --- 2.3 RC2 ---
  • Improved information in Bank Transfers.
  • --- 2.3 RC3 ---
  • Extended check for empty class ID and better test for type/account id/name.
  • Report List of Journal Entries now balances the vouchers
  • Account Lists now uses key search from the beginning of accounts. (More intuitive).
  • Bank transaction edition optimized.
  • --- 2.3 Final ---
  • Added group code in account groups list selector
  • Better check for fiscal years. Check for correct accounts before closure.
  • Warning if the opening balance in trial balance is not 0

Bugs fixed in this release

  • Multiply XSS and SQLI vulnerabilities.
  • Upgrade problems on multicompany installations.
  • Some issues in upgrade on mysql servers running in strict mode.
  • Problem with next reference change during bank transaction/journal edition.
  • Changed so Advanced Manufacturing now generate GL items during issueing and do not wait until production.
  • Stamping the memo field with various dates depending on operations (costs, issues, productions).
  • Changed sortorder of Work Order Inquiry to be Date descending. Newest on top.
  • A couple of smaller issues reported on mantis.

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