Release 2.2

Posted by Joe (joe) on Nov 18 2009
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Release 2.2 (stable) is available for download at sourceforge.

News in FrontAccounting 2.2

  • Changed report Annual Expense Breakdown to follow the fisal year
  • Changed context help organization to enable use of central multilanguage wiki
  • Changed so $date_system=3 to be traditional, but non-workday is Friday and start of week is Saturday. Forr DatePicker
  • Changed so reference no in Quote/Sales Order/Invoice/Credit note, PO is printed instad of trans_no if $print_invoice_no = 0 (default)
  • Included Dimension(s) in Bank Deposit/Payment View and correct signs.
  • Display tax info in Sales Quotation, Order, Direct Delivery and Invoice.
  • Include freight_cost in Sales Quotations, Orders in inquiries.
  • Improved layout in documents on screen and printing.
  • Added amount range in gl inquiries.
  • Allow editing account when editing a row in GL Bank and GL Journal Entry
  • Added integration of custom and extended reports into reporting module
  • Changed period in Journal Entries to one month instad of one year.

Look into the file, config.default.php and compare with your own config.php file.
You should update the following in your config.php:

  1. Change the $version in your config.php file, about line 59, from "2.X.X" to  "2.2".
    1. Copy these 2 lines from config.default.php about line 80-82 into config.php about line 80:

      /* Show users online discretetely in the footer */
      $show_users_online = 0;
      Change this to 1 if you want to show users online.

    2. Replace the 2 lines about line 110-111 in config.php:

      $table_style = "cellpadding=3 border=1 bordercolor='#8cacbb' style='border-collapse: collapse'";
      $table_style2 = "cellpadding=3 border=1 bordercolor='#cccccc' style='border-collapse: collapse'";   

    3. With these 4 lines from config.default.php:

      if (!isset($_SESSION['bordercolor']))
           $_SESSION['bordercolor'] = "#8cacbb";
      $table_style = "cellpadding=3 border=1 bordercolor='".$_SESSION['bordercolor']."' class='tablestyle'";
      $table_style2 = "cellpadding=3 border=1 bordercolor='#cccccc' class='tablestyle2'";

    4. Remove these 2 lines from config.php about line 176-176:

      /* default start-up tab (orders/AP/stock/manuf/proj/GL/system) */
      $def_app = "orders";  

    5. Copy these 2 lines from config.default.php about line 202-203:

      define("ICON_SUBMIT", "ok.gif"); // new in 2.2
      define("ICON_ESCAPE", "escape.png"); // new in 2.2 7.

    6. And paste them into config.php about line 209

  2. 2.2 release has all database changes done and upgrade routines are complete. Current FA users are strongly encouraged to upload to the 2.2..

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