Release 2.2.7.

Posted by Joe (joe) on Mar 05 2010
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Release 2.2.7 available for download at Sourceforge.Net.

New features

  • Many layout fixes.
  • Allow change of password without script in Create/Update Company.

Bugs fixed in 2.2.7

  • Bug in exchange variation calculation in certain situations.
  • Fixed check for language sessions.
  • Small fixes in security area codes.
  • Tax included calculation problem when more than one tax type in a tax group.
  • Fixed bug in quantity input.
  • [0000208] Voiding a work order production does not revert raw material.
  • [0000209],[0000210] Improper quantity/price handling on supplier change.
  • Fixed a non existing voiding of Work Order Advanced and a couple of bugs in the same operation.
  • [0000212] Selecting branch from popup was not working.
  • [0000213] Date change on journal entry update.
  • Bug sending email to a name with commas.
  • Removed redundant function get_gl_accounts_all in
  • Removed redundant variable $use_new_account_types from config.php.

Final instructions

If you are updating from an earlier 2.X.X installation, please check roles setup,
as due to bug just fixed they may need corrections for work order bulk reports and
tax groups. Also follow the instruction in update.html file.

If this is a new installation, please follow the instructions in install.html file.

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