Release 2.2.6.

Posted by Joe (joe) on Feb 16 2010
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Release 2.2.6 available for download at Sourceforge.Net.

New features

  •  Placing a print link in all view windows (without menus)
  • Added a Profit/Loss Statement drilldown inquiry in Banking and GL
  • Added memo search in Journal Inquiry.
  • Changed Balance Sheets/PL Statements to be recursive.
  • Added trans_no in bank deposit/payment final link, by Tom Hallman.
  • Added a selector for decimal values in Balance Sheet and P/L Statement
  • Changed so 'Allow Negative Stock' will update the GL cogs/inventory when
    the correct values later are obtained.
  • CSS style is now implemented in all FA.
  • New label style for the themes. Better layout in supp inv/credit

Bugs fixed in 2.2.6

  • Exchange rate bug when searching a non existing customer
  • [0000200] stock_master material_cost incorrectly updated during GRN when 
    price format uses thousands seperator. A couple of minor errors too.
  • Fixed get_standard_cost() for dummy items 
  • When buying a service item from a supplier, the delivery produced
    wrong inventory GL transactions. No GL transactions should be here
  • Fixed continuation after timeout.
  • Prevent saving empty lines in invoices/delivery notes
  • Fixed bug resulting in broken line items relations after edition of multiline SO.
  • [0000202] Global $path_to_root is missing in function handle_submit() in file 
  • [0000201] Cannot change item type when item is edited
  • [0000204] GRN Valuation Report shows wrong data
  • Fixed IE related hotkeys problem with AltTab
  • Better check for language session var.

Final instructions

If you are updating from an earlier 2.X.X installation, please follow the instruction in update.html file.

If this is a new installation, please follow the instructions in install.html file.

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