Release 2.2.3

Posted by Joe (joe) on Jan 12 2010
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Release 2.2.3 available for download at

Bugs fixed in 2.2.3

  • Fixed problem letting various currency bank accounts sharing the same GL account.
  • When updating tax rate, it didn't show and calculate correct in documents.
  • Enabling default stretching instead of clipping with long texts in reports.
  • Changed reference incrementation algorithm to preserve both number prefix and postfix.
  • New document, Remittance, to print payment allocations to suppliers.
  • Fixed bugs in deleting fiscal year. Sime transactions weren't deleted.
  • [0000185] Update notification missing in item reorder level.
  • [0000186] Timeout on Refresh button in supplier allocations.
  • [0000187] Category and description reset after failed check.
  • Increased number of decimals for tax calculations.
  • Added support for customized
  • Fixed js error in IE7.
  • Prevent warnings for sql results without 'inactive' field.
  • Removed invalid constraint on tax_types.
  • Allow using of multi level sub-types when digits are of same length in account types.
  • Print COA also prints class id andd account type id.

Allow using of multi level sub-types when digits are of same length in account types

The current account types setup with sub-levels only allowed 2 levels in the current
By setting up the account types with same digit lenghts in id and exactly in the order
you want them presented in COA and reports and with the sub-levels you want them
belong to it is now possible to use at least 4 or 5 levels. Having more is not
Condition for doing that:
Set the variable, $use_new_account_types = 1; in your config.php

Final instructions

If you are updating from an earlier 2.X.X installation, please follow the
instruction in update.html file.

If this is a new installation, please follow the instructions in install.html file.

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