Release 2.2.2.

Posted by Joe (joe) on Dec 24 2009
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Release 2.2.2 available for download at

Bugs fixed in 2.2.2

  • Fix of Print Statement layout
  • Fixed bug [0000179] Cannot allocate ST_BANKPAYMENT type payments.
  • Safer algorithm for company removal, additional prefix check on company add.
  • Providing use of alternative providers for exchange rates.
  • Report Engine Extensions by Tom Hallman for better report extensions
  • Added System Diagnostics page in Setup Tab.
  • Implemented search on categories as well in sales_items_list
  • Fixed the minimal entry of quantities in PO lines to be depended of UOM decimals.
  • Fixed bug {0000184] Bad source document quantities update and invalid qty's during
    derivative document entry.
  • Sales Order (Quote) now prints with TOTAL VAT INCL: if this is the fact. 
  • Replaced all deprecated functions so FA runs in php >= 5.3.0 as well.

The Report Engine Extensions

After release 2.2.2 it is possible to create own sophisticated reports. In
a short while there will be an upload to the Website - Download - Reports.
This is a more sophisticated variant of the report 'Annual Expense Breaddown'.
This extension will serve as an example of how to do nice reports.

Providing use of alternative providers for exchange rates.

While we still use ECB as our stable exchange rates provider, we are, however,
aware of that the coverage is not good for South America, Africa and Asia, so
we have implemented it so that it is possible to swap provider.
It is possible to use YAHOO or GOOGLE instead of ECB. Both YAHOO and GOOGLE have
almost all currency rates in the world.
If you want to use one of the alternatives to ECB you will have to create the
following file and place it in the /lang/xx_YY folder, where xx is
the language and YY is the country. F.i. en_US.

class Hooks {
    function retrieve_exrate($curr, $date)
        return get_extern_rate($curr, 'YAHOO', $date);
        //return get_extern_rate($curr, 'GOOGLE', $date);

This will use YAHOO instead of ECB. Comment the YAHOO line and uncomment the
GOOGLE line if you want to use GOOGLE instead. We do not guarantee that the
currency rates are provided correctly, but I guess this is better than nothing
for countries not served by ECB.

Final instructions

If you are updating from an earlier 2.X.X installation, please follow the
instruction in update.html file.

If this is a new installation, please follow the instructions in install.html file.

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