Release 2.2.1

Posted by Joe (joe) on Dec 02 2009
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A new bugfix release 2.2.1 is available for download

Bugs fixed in 2.2.1

  • Fixed bug [0000178] data error in supplier allocations
  • Fixed so total amount cannot be 0 in Bank Payments/Deposits
  • When printing reference numbers instead of internal numbers on documents
    it should also refer to reference numbers in deliveries and orders.
  • Round to nearest value of 0 produced a division by zero error
  • Missing ajax trigger in stock_purchasable_items_list_cells. Prices not updated instantly.
  • Array helpers moved to current_user. Added array_search_key and array_search_key helpers.
  • Fixed change of language in display preferences. Removed sparse $_SESSION['languages'] variable
  • Display sql in case of duplicate data error when go_debug=1.
  • Removing config.php after error during install. Otherwise misleading message is displayed.

Look into the file, config.default.php and compare with your own config.php file.
You should update the the following in your config.php:

  1. Change the $version in your config.php file, about line 59, from "2.X.X" to 
    "2.2.1". If you are upgrading from version 2.2, you are DONE!
  2. Copy these 2 lines from config.default.php about line 80-82 into config.php about line 80:

    /* Show users online discretetely in the footer */
    $show_users_online = 0;

    Change this to 1 if you want to show users online.
  3. Replace the 2 lines about line 110-111 in config.php:

    $table_style     = "cellpadding=3 border=1 bordercolor='#8cacbb' style='border-collapse: collapse'";
    $table_style2     = "cellpadding=3 border=1 bordercolor='#cccccc' style='border-collapse: collapse'";

    With these 4 lines from config.default.php:

    if (!isset($_SESSION['bordercolor']))
        $_SESSION['bordercolor'] = "#8cacbb";
    $table_style     = "cellpadding=3 border=1 bordercolor='".$_SESSION['bordercolor']."' class='tablestyle'";
    $table_style2     = "cellpadding=3 border=1 bordercolor='#cccccc' class='tablestyle2'";
  4. Remove these 2 lines from config.php about line 176-176:

    /* default start-up tab (orders/AP/stock/manuf/proj/GL/system) */
    $def_app = "orders";
  5. Copy these 2 lines from config.default.php about line 202-203:

    define("ICON_SUBMIT", "ok.gif");        // new in 2.2
    define("ICON_ESCAPE", "escape.png");    // new in 2.2

    And paste them into config.php about line 209

2.2 release has all database changes done and upgrade routines are complete.

Current FA users are strongly encouraged to upload to the 2.2..

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