Release 2.2 RC

Posted by Joe (joe) on Oct 24 2009
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Version 2.2 RC of FrontAcounting has been released and is available on Sourceforge.

News in FrontAccounting 2.2 RC

  • Improvements on Access Levels.
  • Unaccesable menu options are now displayed as grey text
  • Preparing reports for use of tags
  • Changed report classes to use the ui from ui_lists.
  • Option to print delivery notes as packing slip (without amounts)
  • Enabled access level support and error handling for extensions
  • Fixed sql injection vulnerability on some php/mysql configurations
  • Added discrete users online stamp in footer if global $show_users_online is set to 1 in config.php
  • Conditional config files generation - prevents overwrite during upgrade.
  • New install.html and update.html instructions
  • Several bug fixes according to CHANGELOG.txt

You MUST run the Software Upgrade when upgrading from 2.2 Beta to 2.2 RC.

Look into the file, config.default.php and compare with your own config.php file.
You should update the the following in your config.php:

  1. Change the $version in your config.php file, about line 59, from "2.2.X" to "2.2 RC".
  2. Copy these 2 lines from config.default.php about line 80-82 into config.php about line 80:
    1. /* Show users online discretetely in the footer */
      $show_users_online = 0;
    2. Change this to 1 if you want to show users online.
  3. Replace the 2 lines about line 110-111 in config.php:
    1. $table_style = "cellpadding=3 border=1 bordercolor='#8cacbb' style='border-collapse: collapse'";
      $table_style2= "cellpadding=3 border=1 bordercolor='#cccccc' style='border-collapse: collapse'";
  4. With these 4 lines from config.default.php:
    1. if (!isset($_SESSION['bordercolor']))
          $_SESSION['bordercolor'] = "#8cacbb";
      $table_style = "cellpadding=3 border=1 bordercolor='".$_SESSION['bordercolor']."' class='tablestyle'";
      $table_style2 = "cellpadding=3 border=1 bordercolor='#cccccc' class='tablestyle2'";
  5. Remove these 2 lines from config.php about line 176-176:
    1. /* default start-up tab (orders/AP/stock/manuf/proj/GL/system) */
      $def_app = "orders";
  6. Copy these 2 lines from config.default.php about line 202-203:
    1. define("ICON_SUBMIT", "ok.gif");        // new in 2.2
      define("ICON_ESCAPE", "escape.png");    // new in 2.2
  7. And paste them into config.php about line 209

2.2 RC release has all database changes done and upgrade routines are complete. Current FA users are strongly encouraged to upload and test upgrade process to the 2.2RC release and report all found application bugs and problems during upgrade on Mantis. We should also say once again that 2.1.7 was the latest release in old stable branch and support for for 2.1 family will be ceased at the moment of final 2.2 release that is estimated to ship in 2 weeks.

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