Release 2.2 Beta

Posted by Joe (joe) on Sep 30 2009
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Version 2.2 Beta of FrontAcounting has been released and is available on Sourceforge.

News in FrontAccounting 2.2 Beta


  • Quick Entries uses Tax Types instead of Item Tax Types
  • Support for default buttons with Ctrl-Enter/Escape hotkeys
  • Arrow navigations in menus
  • Option to use last document date on subsequent new documents.
  • Full support for inactive records
  • Time Zone on Reports
  • Audit Trail for all operations with Report
  • Bank Charge field in Customer/Supplier Payment.
  • New default fields in Company table for Bank Charge, Retained Earnings and Profit/Loss Year. 
  • Direct Allocation of Invoices in Customer/Supplier Payments
  • New Access Levels/Security Roles system enables fine tunning person access rights.
  • Item Tax Types moved to Setup module
  • Default Start-up Tab set by user.
  • Authorization timeout parameter set in Company preferences


  • Customer/Supplier Balance Reports now with Open Balance from selected date
  • Added Sales Quotations, Inquiry and Report


  • Better support for conversion factor in Purchasing Prices.
  • Purchasing price can have up to 6 decimals allowing fractions of hundredths in prices.

Items and Inventory

  • Item Categories contains default parameters for new items.
  • Excluded from Sale. Non Sales Items from Categories.
  • GRN Valuation Report
  • Automatic price-calculation of Items from Std. Cost (if no prices set on items)
  • Rounding of prices to nearest XX Cent after calculations.


  • Printing/Emailing of Work Orders


  • Re-opening of Closed dimensions

Banking and General Ledger

  • Closing a fiscal year also closes the balances and brings forward retained earnings
  • Deleting a fiscal year removes all transactions and convert into relevant Open Balances.
  • Journal Enquiry
  • Edition/view of Journal Entries.
  • Group Sorting by Id in Account Selectors
  • Default per currency bank accounts (used in reports). The Bank Account selection on documents has been replaced by this.

Bugs fixed in this release

  • Fixed php 5 warnings flood in error log.
  • All bugs up to release 2.1.6 are fixed in this release too.

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